Friday, May 30, 2008

To the Nine's

This is us at my good friend Rachel & Adam's wedding in April. I was a brides maid, and Conner was the ring bearer. It was freakin' cute :)
Doin' his thang. He was SO confident!
A rare moment of tranquility LOL.
Cohen wasn't in the wedding, but the bride still bought him a little suit. I just wanted to eat him up!
This photo is so sweet, it makes my teeth ache.

Monday, May 19, 2008

My Bucket List

While the term "Bucket List" is somewhat new to me, the concept is not. For awhile now, I've had a running list of things I'd like to do before I die (some of them before I'm 30 LOL). Slowly but surely, I'm knocking them out, one by one.
Here's a short sampling of my list:

*Sky Diving
*White Water Rafting
*Swim with Sharks (check!)
*Swim with Dolphins (check!)
*See Venice
*See Paris (check!)
*See Rome
*Sing on Stage at Carnegie Hall (check!)
*Fly a Plane (check!)

A couple weeks ago, I was visiting my dad in Cali. His bucket list has always included driving a train, so we went up to this little po-dunk town where there was a train station that allowed you to drive one for about an hour. After my dad got his kicks (even Conner too... does it get any better than that for a 3 yr old boy?! Driving a train with his grandpa?!), I had the opportunity to give it a whirl. Reluctantly, I drove the train. How many people can say they did that anyway?

This is the beast we drove. Conner was a very excited little conductor man - so was his grandpa!
Me and Conner... sorry its so dark!
Yeah, yeah... so I'm not the most attentive driver LOL

Since I drove a freakin' train, I decided to add it to my Bucket List (you know, to make the list look cooler LOL) and then cross it off.

*Drive a Freakin' Train (check!)

So now that I've driven a freakin' train, and flown a plane, the next obvious step is to drive a ferry, no? And since I'm gonna do it, it should be something huge like the Hawaii Super Ferry, right?! Go big or go home I say!
*Drive a Ferry