Monday, May 19, 2008

My Bucket List

While the term "Bucket List" is somewhat new to me, the concept is not. For awhile now, I've had a running list of things I'd like to do before I die (some of them before I'm 30 LOL). Slowly but surely, I'm knocking them out, one by one.
Here's a short sampling of my list:

*Sky Diving
*White Water Rafting
*Swim with Sharks (check!)
*Swim with Dolphins (check!)
*See Venice
*See Paris (check!)
*See Rome
*Sing on Stage at Carnegie Hall (check!)
*Fly a Plane (check!)

A couple weeks ago, I was visiting my dad in Cali. His bucket list has always included driving a train, so we went up to this little po-dunk town where there was a train station that allowed you to drive one for about an hour. After my dad got his kicks (even Conner too... does it get any better than that for a 3 yr old boy?! Driving a train with his grandpa?!), I had the opportunity to give it a whirl. Reluctantly, I drove the train. How many people can say they did that anyway?

This is the beast we drove. Conner was a very excited little conductor man - so was his grandpa!
Me and Conner... sorry its so dark!
Yeah, yeah... so I'm not the most attentive driver LOL

Since I drove a freakin' train, I decided to add it to my Bucket List (you know, to make the list look cooler LOL) and then cross it off.

*Drive a Freakin' Train (check!)

So now that I've driven a freakin' train, and flown a plane, the next obvious step is to drive a ferry, no? And since I'm gonna do it, it should be something huge like the Hawaii Super Ferry, right?! Go big or go home I say!
*Drive a Ferry


Lea said...

Gosh, I was expecting a reallllly long list! Although I have to admitt that you've already done some fanstassstic things on, or added to your list! ;)

My list, when and if I ever make it will have silly stupid things... your at least adventurious!

Kelipso said...

LOL it was just a SAMPLING of my list. Definitely not the whole thing! My list is huge-long with big trips and small accomplishments, food I want to try, and people I want to meet.