Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hero Worship

This kid wants to grow up and be just like his daddy.

This kid wants to grow up to be... um... what exactly IS that?! Hmmm... maybe he'll compete in triathlons or something?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday in the Park

Today we decided to head on down to Ala Moana Beach Park to check out both the Greek Festival and the Chinese Dragon Boat races.

First stop was the Greek thing, which was set in this really neat closed in venue with odd shaped koi ponds and huge monkey trees.

There was a live band playing some really great Greek music - I told Curtis it made me want to go to Greece and dance at twilight in the town square with the locals LOL. Someday, someday.

There was also a troupe of dancers who performed traditional dances. I think Cohen loved it more than any of us... or maybe he just loved clapping along with everyone at the end of each dance. Either way, he was into it!

After the show, we got some Greek iced coffee -they called it a Frappe- but it wasn't like what Starbucks serves. It was sweetened iced coffee with condensed milk poured over the top and it was deeeeelish! We got the kids some gelato and a pita to share and they were happy campers!
Once we had our fill of "Greece," we walked out towards the beach to look for the Chinese Dragon Boat races that were going on.

Unfortunately, we got there during some kind of break, or maybe they hadn't really started yet. There was only one boat to be found, and it was pulled up onto the beach.

But it worked out because we were able to get nice and close for pics :)
Neat, huh? Here's Conner throwing up his best "Shaka."

After waiting around awhile, we decided to grab a drink for the road and head back to the car. He's an addict, like his mama!

By this time, the kids were tired and hot, so we started heading back to the car. Of course, that's when they bring out the other boats for the races LOL.

We didn't stay to watch, so thanks to Susan for these 2 pics :)

Just as we were leaving the beach, I got inspired and took this shot. I lurve it.

Lucky we live aloha :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The price you pay to live in Paradise...

I had to pick some stuff up at Safeway today because the commissary was closed, and well, Safeway wasn't LOL. Let's just say I don't shop much out in town.

This is why.


Can you belive it was actually $10.74 a couple weeks ago? Too bad I didn't have my camera on me then... its ok if you don't believe me LOL.

I know what you're thinking. This is INSANE. Thank goodness I can utilize the commissary most of the time and get away with paying just under $6 per gallon instead. I wonder if housing would get mad if I got a cow for my back yard? Not only would I get my milk FREE, I'd have a built in lawn mower!

No wonder there is so much poverty here...

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Marketing to Kids

Man this marketing/catering to kids thing is getting a bit over the top. I mean, I can KINDA understand when you see images of Disney characters on fresh fruit, or other characters on canned veggies. I guess it makes healthy food more appealing to kids? Whatever.

But to see movie advertisements on my bananas? Really? I took a Chiquita sticker off of a banana last night that had a pic of a chimp from that new movie (Space Chimps?). Under the pic were the words "In Theaters Now!" WOW. Was that really necessary?

OH! Or how about the new Burger King Apple Fries?? Don't get me wrong, I'm so glad that fast food restaurants offer healthier options for kids meals these days. But to disguise the apples as fries?


As if the only way that something healthy would taste good is to make it look like junk?