Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Strike That, No New Hair For Me

Friend gave away my hair appointment slot to somebody else, and there are no more slots open before I leave for my trip. Why? I'm not quite sure. I'm SUPER disappointed about it. The ONE time in my life I decide to grow a pair and do something drastic-ish to my hair, it doesn't work out. *sigh*

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Conner, what will you do without me when you're big?

His response:
"I'll be big and ride away really fast on my bike and you say 'Stop Conner time out' but I'm big so I don't have to so I go really really fast and say 'NO MAMA, I'm big now, you not tell me what to do!' And you'll be MAD."

LOL kids are so funny :p


But to make up for that, about 2 minutes ago I was sitting here cruising the net and behind me I hear the Blue's Clues guy ask "What makes YOU happy?" and Conner said, "My mama."
I'm happy I heard it... I usually tune out those kids shows ;)

My Rebellious Streak hits at 25

I think I may be having a mid-20's crisis hahaha. I never went through a crazy stage as a teen (well, I got a heart tattoo and my belly pierced but that's what EVERY girl did LOL). I've never dyed my hair, or really done anything drastic. I have a chance to have virtually ANYthing done to my hair by a girl I know for FREE. That's right... services that could potentially cost hundreds of dollars for FREE. So I should take this chance and run with it, right? I've had straight, boring hair all my life. While I like my hair, I also would love a change. A perm, perhaps? I'm thinking a body wave (see pic ^) would be rockin, but I'm scurred at the same time! Heck, if I do it, I think I'm going to go balls to the wall and even get a hot pink streak through my side swept bangs. I'm not telling my family and friends back home. I'll be there in a couple weeks, so it should be fun to see reactions. Hopefully I can figure out a sitter and get an appointment with my friend to do my hair. I'm excited!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Tiny Tornadoes

I often feel as if by mid-morning, a tornado has come through my downstairs. The 3 yr old boy likes to build castles with the couch cushions. The 1 yr old boy can empty a box of butt wipes faster than I can speed pee. They both throw giant Lego's all over the floor. Puzzle pieces, army men, mashed bananas, and jammies get strewn about as if that's where they're supposed to go. I think I missed the memo that came out saying I'd step on the letter G twenty three times a day.
By the time the kids are in bed each night, I'm too exhausted to clean up again. What's the point, anyway? I live every day on repeat it seems LOL...

Bloggity Blog

Hey look, its my first blog!
My intent is bore any poor soul who happens upon my ramblings with tales from Toddler-Town, my latest obsessions, and adventures in Paradise. I can't guarantee consistency, perfect spelling, grammar, or even that you'll want to come back for more. But I hope you do.
Enjoy :)