Friday, June 26, 2009

Breastfeeding a Dinosaur

Here's a conversation from today that I never imagined (well... before I had kids I couldn't imagine it) I'd have with my 2 yr old SON:

Me: "I don't want to breastfeed your dinosaur."
Cohen: "Why?"
Me: (getting frusterated because my girls are soooo sensitive right now) "BECAUSE! He'll bite my boo boos off! You don't want that, do you?!"
Cohen: "No..." (now looking really sad)
Me: "Honey, you can give him YOUR boo boos if you want. He'd like that."
Cohen: "Otay" (so he sits down on the floor of my bathroom and proceeds to nurse his dinosaur)

What's funny, is that this type of conversation doesn't suprise me at ALL anymore.

Ahhhh, motherhood :)


Katie said...

Cute! That's beyond adorable.

Keanna & Sydney call them "Baby Eats," and often asks why "Dad's baby eats aren't big..."

Lea said...

LOL Kelz...

You really should have some type of warning... I nearly peed myself...and that picture... dear God... KEGALS!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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Lori said...

oh my goodness ADORABLE. you will be glad you wrote that conversation down.. of course he might not be so glad :) i love the name cohen by the way. do you live in hawaii too? i love finding hawaii bloggers :)