Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Rebellious Streak hits at 25

I think I may be having a mid-20's crisis hahaha. I never went through a crazy stage as a teen (well, I got a heart tattoo and my belly pierced but that's what EVERY girl did LOL). I've never dyed my hair, or really done anything drastic. I have a chance to have virtually ANYthing done to my hair by a girl I know for FREE. That's right... services that could potentially cost hundreds of dollars for FREE. So I should take this chance and run with it, right? I've had straight, boring hair all my life. While I like my hair, I also would love a change. A perm, perhaps? I'm thinking a body wave (see pic ^) would be rockin, but I'm scurred at the same time! Heck, if I do it, I think I'm going to go balls to the wall and even get a hot pink streak through my side swept bangs. I'm not telling my family and friends back home. I'll be there in a couple weeks, so it should be fun to see reactions. Hopefully I can figure out a sitter and get an appointment with my friend to do my hair. I'm excited!

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