Monday, April 7, 2008

Tiny Tornadoes

I often feel as if by mid-morning, a tornado has come through my downstairs. The 3 yr old boy likes to build castles with the couch cushions. The 1 yr old boy can empty a box of butt wipes faster than I can speed pee. They both throw giant Lego's all over the floor. Puzzle pieces, army men, mashed bananas, and jammies get strewn about as if that's where they're supposed to go. I think I missed the memo that came out saying I'd step on the letter G twenty three times a day.
By the time the kids are in bed each night, I'm too exhausted to clean up again. What's the point, anyway? I live every day on repeat it seems LOL...

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Rochelle said...

I have to laugh at your blog because Jason and I fight over this daily. He can not understand how our living room gets so messy in just 10 minutes. All I have to do it leave the room to use the bathroom or answer the phone and all hell breaks loose. The boys will have every toy out of the toy box, and some how manage to put peanut butter and snot every where... I Think they are hiding food just to drive me crazy :P