Monday, September 1, 2008

Hale'iwa town

Yesterday we spent the day up on the beautiful North Shore in Hale'iwa (the surfing capilal of the world) Our day started at 10am when our church met for Sunday service on the beach... how neat is that?! There we all are, nestled beneath the trees, with a gorgeous view of the ocean :)

Raise your hand if you can say the same LOL

After worship and the sermon, some ladies from our church came up to dance the hula for us. For me, it was one of those, "Wow, I really *do* live in Hawaii" moments!
SO neat.

After service, there was a potluck. With bellies sufficiently stuffed, we headed down to the beach to play, of course! I don't have photos from the beach... you'll just have to believe me ;)

Soon enough, we were hungry again and needed a break from the sun and fun, so we went up the street just a little bit and got some Matsumoto Shave Ice. Its world famous LOL. Its DELISH. I like to get mine with ice cream on the bottom and condensed milk on top. Some people get the azuki beans, but that's not really my thing. Conner and Cohen of course thought it was such a treat!These people here are commenting on how they can't believe Conner ate that whole shave ice all by himself. They must not have kids... kids find room in their tummies for junk!

Later on, we drove up the road a mile to Laniakea Beach, known better as "Turtle Beach." This is why!

The honu (turtles) were out in full force yesterday. Usually I'll see maybe 3 while there, but this time they were peppered all up and down the beach. I counted 10-15 just in the small area I was standing with the boys, and there were tons more that were floating in and out with the lapping waves. Cohen had never seen them before and didn't really care, but Conner got a big kick out of it.

Great day!


Katie said...

Awesome! Love the boys in the matching shirts, and I literally laughed out loud at the arrows and "impressed" on that picture....too funny! Looks like fun, and I really miss it there!

Natasha said...

Everytime I went to Haleiwa to get a picture of that darn sign it was never there. It's a popular thing to steal for sure!

Anonymous said...

You do this to make me (like I need it) want to jump on a plane and come visit. I really miss that stuff, but look forward to doing it again with you and the grandkids.

Dad said...

OK, I am trying the URL thing