Wednesday, September 10, 2008

His birthday was dino-mite!

Ok so his birthday was on the 4th, so I'm a bit late in posting this. Better late than never, eh? Here he is posing in front of our family's birthday flag. Too bad we don't have a flag pole to fly it on! He started his day at preschool, where he got to pass out the home made chocolate chip muffins with icing and sprinkles on top that we made together. He was SO proud, and got to wear a birthday crown while his classmates sang "Happy Birthday" to him!

Conner asked for a strawberry dinosaur cake, so that's what his mama made for him! I kept it hidden from him, so he was seeing it for the first time here. Awww, I love this pic :)

There was no big party; instead we had a few close friends over for cake and ice cream after dinner that day. It was perfect! Here's Jordie and Conner, the betrothed LOL. She's his bestie :)

Me and my boy... gosh I can't believe how fast he's growing up. FOUR already?! Since when was I old enough to have a FOUR year old?!

Oh, and here's my creation. Nothing super awesome, but I think he got a kick out of it! Maybe someday I'll actually put my Wilton cake decorating classes to use and make a fancy shmancy cake. We'll see...

Conner was thrilled to get all these cards from his grandmas and grandpa's!! And look at the neat pop-up dino book he got from my dad... we only read this one when Cohen's napping, otherwise he'd destroy it LOL. Last but not least, his new dinosaur tshirt from Grandpa! I think he wore this for... oh... 4 straight days? It was washed, and now he's wearing it again haha.

Happy 4th birthday, Conner Allen! We love you so much!!


Chas said...

He's getting so big Kels! Happy Birthday Dude!!

Chelleybean said...

They grow up so fast :(