Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cute, no?

I'm workin on his dad. Curtis is allergic to dogs and such but we've heard there are low-dander breeds that are available. It would be great if he could just take a prescription for his allergy, but it would disqualify him from subs. So either we find a dog that is dander-free, or we have no dog. Its gonna kill me too - I'd MUCH rather save a pooch from the pound than spend $1500+ on a dang pure-breed. Actually, I refuse to spend that kind of money on a dog LOL its SILLY to me! Unless of course you're going to breed the thing, but that's not why we want a puppy. Guess Conner needs to wait until Daddy is done riding submarines. I think every boy needs a dog, so I hope we don't have to wait too long!


Dawn said...

There are quite a few low allergen dogs. If you are looking for a bigger dog golden doodles are great and I see them up for adoption quite a bit since they tend to be high energy. For smaller dogs shih tzus are great.

Chas said...

awww. i love this picture! I hear you on that expensive dogs though, it's insane how much they go for in Hawaii vs. the mainland!