Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cutting a Rug

I got a new rug today! It doesn't really match my decor, but whatever. There isn't much to my "decor" anyway LOL - it'll only take a little tweaking to make it work. Normally I go for plain colors and neutrals. Which means easy and boring LOL.
"Safe" may be a better term.


But oh, my. Ah yes... this is cool.


And when I saw it for sale at such a steal, I knew I had to have it!

$35 to rock my socks off.

dancing feet

Consider them rocked. :)


Katie said...

I love it! Really pretty colors. Also love the 'knocking the socks off' pictures/slideshow...whatever that's called!

Megan said...

That is pretty! Where did you find it?

Kelipso said...

Megan, its a Kmart rug!

Susan said...

I love it too Kelsey!! (I followed a link from Katie to you!) I might have to check out Kmart LOL!

rmgales said...

I love the color combination. Please stop by and enter our Jewelry Give Aways!

Lea said... let me get this straight... I teach you overage, learn you the art of Coopon Recon, take you to Five Star Sunday Brunch, Car chase law breakers, and steal things from peoples back yards and you post about a ... R U G!! Seriously!?

I mean yea, its a cute rug, and it was a steal...and yea its totally "Kelz" but DAMN... Lets have a Garopp Halloween in Waikiki so you have some REAL stuff to blog about!!!!