Friday, November 7, 2008

Cohey's First Haircut

Random people tell me almost daily how much they love Cohen's hair. Many liken him to a surfer-boy.

I love the long look, but it was getting a little outta control. His bangs were SO long... down to his nose. This created problems when he had a runny nose, as boogers aren't easy to clean out of little boy hair!

He constantly shook his head back and forth all the time, trying to shake the hair out of his eyes.

It was TIME.

So, I took him in last week for his very first haircut. Ohhhh how hard it was for me! In the end, I chickened out. I just couldn't have them cut off that beautiful hair! Its so pretty and wavy - I want it for myself!

So, they trimmed the front and the sides a little. And took about 2 inches off the back. They left most of the length alone, so it was much less scary to me than getting a real haircut LOL.

Its still long and purtiful, so I'm happy. And he no longer has to shake the hair out of his eyes, so he's happy :)

Look! I can see his eyes!

Oh my stinkin' heck... I love those eyes :)


Jessica said...

He such a cutie! And he totally looks like a little surfer boy! Those eyes are killer!

Chas said...

ahhhh i love it!!

Katie said...

He looks so cute and love the little curls in the back!

Rachel said...

Awww...he's still surfer boy chic LOL You have such good looking kids...heartbreakers I tell ya! Watch out!