Sunday, November 16, 2008

First Visit from the Tooth Fairy

As some of you know, Conner was born with a tooth. You read that right. I remember gazing at my minutes old infant and saying outloud, "Is that a tooth in his mouth?!" and the nurses just shrugging me off, saying it was swelling LOL. Well, it WAS a tooth! They call it a natal tooth, or a milk tooth. Its rare, but it happens! Conner's tooth has always been loose, since it was lacking much of a root to keep it in place. It was also almost always yellow, because there was no way for it to get nourishment to stay healthy.

We always knew there was a good chance he'd lose it before the normal age of 6 or 7. I made it a point to never tell him his tooth was loose, so he wouldn't mess with it. Leave it to a kid's tv program to inform him about what happens when you lose a tooth LOL. As soon as he knew about that tooth fairy, he set out to get that tooth out! All day he was messing with it, and by the time Daddy got home from work that evening, the tooth was lying on its side. He realllllly wanted a visit from the tooth fairy! hahaha

This is the face of a kid who can't contain his excitement LOL

Before bed on Tuesday night, I set out to pull the tooth. He was SO excited. I tried to explain that it would hurt a little, but he didn't care! He was grinning from ear to ear :)

He was very brave, indeed. After a few attempts, the tooth was out!

And BOY was he proud! "Am I big now, Mama?"

We cleaned up the little thing, and put it in our very special Tooth Fairy Pillow that my dad had bought for him a long time ago. At the time I thought it was a little silly to give it to us soooo many years before he'd lose his teeth. I'm glad we had it on hand though, since we ended up needing it a couple years earlier than expected!

In the morning, he came running into my room, "MAMA! The tooth fairy came and brought me a GOLD COIN!"

This video is posted mostly for the grandparents, but you can watch if you'd like. Turn on your speakers and click below :)


C@mshaft said...

Aww! That is cute :)

It's amazing at how aware these kids become specially when they hear information about new discoveries it's almost like they become OCD since they are determine things out from every angle about the new info they've received! too cute though..

I've heard about babies being born with teeth. Not many people believe me when I say that but its some very very minor percentage rate which, as you can tell, not every child gets accounted for as having a tooth at birth and is commonly shrugged off as something else. Colin has a little rough area towards the left side of his mouth but nothing has poked all the way through so we shall see. If he gets teeth within a yr he shall get them before his other brothers!

Hope all is well with you all. Conner is getting so huge!

Chas said...

When I first read the title to this thread, my heart dropped, I didn't even want to THINK that Morgan would be losing teeth soon. I'm glad you clarified that he was born with the tooth, it put my little heart at ease! LOL

I'll admit I didn't watch the video b/c merely reading the words *loose tooth* make me squeamish, but he's dang cute in the pics!!

Victoria said...

How stinking ADORABLE!!!! Congrats on losing you first tooth, Conner!!!

Ed Hochhalter said...

Oh, he had his tooth removed at home? What a brave little kid. I think he would be the type that enters a dental clinic smiling, and would still come out smiling. Haha! Maybe the fact that the tooth fairy's gonna give him money motivated him.